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Sets of wrenches, individual keys

The category containing assembly keys is very extensive and diverse. Due to the fact that a wrench is a basic tool for a car service or workshop, a rich offer cannot be missed here either. The classics are open or flat keys. You can also choose ring spanners and their variations, such as curved ring spanners, ring spanners, and also spanner wrenches, which are useful, for example, when loosening cap nuts for brake pads. Thumb wrenches will certainly be appreciated by owners and mechanics working on the increasingly widespread American cars, the torque wrench is necessary everywhere where the manufacturer has prescribed the exact tightening torque. The subcategory of special keys contains various hook keys, wrenches and more, you just have to choose. We offer most keys not only individually, but also complete sets. It is therefore up to you which option you choose.

If you are looking for special keys for service, you are also in the right place with us.

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